A Triumph of Creativity: NextGen Coders Camp's Successful First Week

Aug 12, 2023

The buzzing University of Guam's Computer Lab was brimming with youthful creativity, imagination, and innovation last week. It marked the successful completion of the first week at the NextGen Coders Camp, a remarkable journey where children aged 10 to 14 took their first confident steps into the world of coding.

Embarking on a Digital Adventure with Scratch

The week was dedicated to Scratch, a coding language developed by MIT, designed to be the children's playground of coding. Under the skilled guidance of the ever-impressive Mr. Nick, the young learners crafted their own interactive stories and games. Scratch's intuitive platform allows even the greenest coders to grasp essential programming concepts, and our young attendees did just that.

Mr. Nick's Impressions

Mr. Nick, our esteemed instructor, was beyond impressed and proud of the students. In his words, "I've never seen such driven and quick-learning children. They took to Scratch like fish to water." His passion for teaching was evident, and the kids reciprocated with a genuine enthusiasm for learning. The symbiosis between mentor and mentees made the week a joyous and productive endeavor.


Projects Galore: Games, Animations, and More

By week's end, the children were ready to present their projects, and the results were astonishing. Many of them created interactive games that would make even seasoned developers take note. The blend of fun, creativity, and logical thinking had cultivated not just basic coding skills, but a broader, more critical way of problem-solving.

The parents were invited to marvel at these creations, and the beaming smiles and words of praise were a testament to what had been achieved in just five short days.


Looking Forward: The HTML Week

With such an impressive start, the excitement is building for the upcoming week, where the young coders will dive into HTML, the building blocks of web pages. They will learn to structure and style web content, and Mr. Nick is eagerly looking forward to seeing what they will create.

The success of the first week at NextGen Coders Camp is not merely a victory for coding but a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, guidance, and determination combine. The journey has just begun, and the future weeks promise to be equally, if not more, exhilarating.

One thing is for sure; these young coders have embarked on a path that will shape not only their summers but potentially their futures. They have tasted success early, and there is no looking back.

Visit nextgencodersguam.com to register and learn more. The world of dynamic programming awaits your child!