What a Day in Camp Looks Like

Interactive Learning Sessions

Each day begins with an engaging and lively session where we explore new concepts. This isn't your usual lecture! It's a dynamic, hands-on, and interactive learning experience where we dive deep into the exciting world of coding.

Daily Coding Labs

After our learning session, we transition into our daily labs. This is where the magic happens! Students get to apply the concepts learned earlier to solve fun, challenging problems. Each lab builds on the previous one, ensuring a continual learning progression and allowing the students to see how different concepts connect and work together.

Weekly Creative Projects

Each week culminates in a personal project. Our young coders apply their new skills to bring their unique ideas to life; this is where they get to flex their creativity! They'll proudly present these projects to the class, with an open invitation for parents to join in and marvel at their creativity. The best part? They can also showcase their work to anyone, anywhere with a computer!

Week One: Scratch

Embark on a digital adventure with Scratch a coding language developed by MIT, our creative coding playground! Week 1 will see your kids crafting their own interactive stories and games. They'll learn essential programming concepts and have a blast with animation and sound. Join us as we start our coding journey in the most fun and imaginative way possible!


Week Two: HTML

We're diving into the heart of the internet with HTML! We'll explore the building blocks of web pages and bring life to our own website. From creating headings, paragraphs, and links to adding images and multimedia, our young web architects will learn how to structure and style web content.


Week Three: CSS

This week is all about putting on the designer's hat with CSS! Your child will learn how to beautify and style their websites. We'll cover color theory, typography, and responsive design. It's time for our budding developers to add some visual magic to their creations!


Week Four: JavaScript

Get ready to supercharge your websites in the final week with JavaScript! We'll unravel the mysteries of this powerful scripting language, adding interactivity to our projects. With fun activities, we'll master variables, data types, functions, and much more. The world of dynamic programming awaits!


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Learn the fundamentals of coding with NextGen Coders Bootcamp. Our specialized intro course for kids introduces basic coding concepts and teaches them how to program in a fun and engaging way. Join us in taking the first step towards a career in coding!

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